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Cast Iron Globe Valves

Cast Iron Globe Valves

Detailed Description

1.Body material : Ductile Iron /Cast Iron
2.Sealing Ring of Body : Cast Brass or Stainless steel
3.Sealing Ring of the Disc : Cast Brass or Stainless Steel
4.Disc : Ductile Iron /Cast Iron
5.Bonnet : Ductile Iron /Cast Iron
6.Stem : Stainless Steel or Brass\
a) according to DIN3201 F1 , flanges and drilling to DIN2501, face to face dimension to DIN3202 F1
b) according to ANSI B16.10 Class125/BS5152 PN16,flanges and drilling to ANSI B16.1 Class 125/BS4504 PN16
8. Working pressure: PN16
9. Suitable media: water, oil and gas
10.Size range: DN15 ĘC DN300


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